East Berlin, also known as Ulysses Hernandez, has had a long history within in Runescape and like many other Runescape players, his story should be told as well.
East Berlin

East Berlin 2014

2002 - 2005: The golden age

Berlin began playing throughout the years like any other player, never really taking Runescape seriously until the day he got his first 99. Like all runescape players, East's first 99 was woodcutting. After holding a massive house party the likes of which Gatsby himself would admire in shock and awe, East Berlin continued to press on and achieve higher levels of wealth and strength throughout Runescape.

2005 - 2008: Confessions and Tribulations

Like all other Runescape players East berlin had to achieve his wealth

East Berlin Winter of 2013

somehow. Most Runescape players by this time had begun to turn to "botting" programs. Unfortunately East Berlin took the easy way out and decided to use botting programs to his advantage as well. By the time the year 2006 was up East Berlin was well on his way to achieving 99 firemaking and fletching. In 2006 East Berlin decided to take up a business offering and join the RWT community. He did this on for the sole purpose of making cash off of alternative accounts used to bot. Unfortunately for the young East Berlin the dream he had once had was forever going to be shattered in the coming years.

2008 - 2014: Permanent Ban and The Future for East Berlin

In 2010, on Christmas Day morning, East Berlin awoke to his account being permanently banned along with his main, Hjklo222 or "Pope rs". Having nearly suffered a panic attack, East Berlin desperately contacted his in-game friends and tried to get advice and what to do next. Having appealed and done everything any ordinary runescape player could, East Berlin finally gave up on any hope of having his account restored. East Berlin sent an appeal for the Real World Trading offence, which remains "pending" to this day. But before East Berlin left runescape, his decided to create a new account and rename that account "East Berlin". Because the original East Berlin had a name change (player89342) the name "East Berlin" was up for grabs. 

East Berlin made a couple appearances throughout the months on the runescape friend's chat channel "Nightmarerh". It was only until the summer of 2014 did East Berlin seriously contemplate a comeback on Runescape. For the time being he spends his days in the lobby, speaking about everything from politics to other MMORPG'S.

East Berlin now plays Xbox 360 - gamer tag being East Berlin89.

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