Questalion is a player from Slovakia , Europe.

Questalion started playing in 2004 on another account named "Qwe686" (renamed to "Ag3ranger"), ended in 2007 and came back to RuneScape in October 2008 with new account, Questalion. He's known for creating first Nex Czecho-Slovak clan (known as "Nexing cc"), which retired after getting nearly 6 billion gp from drops in short time. 

Questalion is going for 200m fishing on Rocktails. You can see him around at Living Rock Caverns in world 84. He is also writing his progress blog .

Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Other names Prostatalion, 2girls1quest, Michal Knows, Kôkôtiq
Nationality Slovakia
Clan Cz Sk League
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