2x2 is 3 is a Ironman from Libanon. Who mostly plays Runescape to escape from the poor situation of his country. 2x2 is 3 also goes by the name of Wassim, his non-ironman account. However he does not actively play on this account anymore. He is most commonly known as a Runescape pker and a PvMer. Besides that, he actively engages in the community.


Since childhood, Wassim always wanted to max his Runescape account. To achieve this goal he joined Warbands and became an active looter. Besides that, he also developped pking skills. He joined many friendschat over time and eventually quit Warbands once he maxed his account.



Wassim performs Dawah activities in the Runescape game. He is known to take inspiration from Dr Zakir Naik and his methods. He tries to convert people to Islam in Discord meetings.

Besides that, Wassim actively believes the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. He wants to raise awareness for this cause and discusses with people on this matter.


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