3 Hit U
3---Hit---U in real life
Total level 1081 (OSRS)

2088 (RS3)

Started playing Early 2003
Known for Being a pure/PKer, dying to Your Dad867

3 Hit U (triple spaces either side: 3---Hit---U), known outside of the RuneScape world as Dan3HitU is a RuneScape pure (a low defence based account) and one of the most successful PKers of all time, until being easily defeated by Your Dad867.

He's been around for over a decade, starting back in what used to just be called RuneScape (now known as RuneScape Classic). His account was created around 2003.

As of 2018, Dan plays Old School RuneScape as a 1 defence/1 mage pure.

Lately Dan is playing the original RuneScape again and streaming this on Youtube aswell as Twitch (for the links, check below on the page).


These are a list of known (public) achievements, in no particular order:

  • First 10-19 (Black Armour) Defence character to 99 Strength.
  • First 10-19 (Black Armour) Defence Pure to 99 Attack.
  • First 10-19 (Black Armour) Defence Pure to 99 Hitpoints.
  • First Pure to reach 99’s in all fighting styles (apart from Defence).
  • 2004 Most Feared/Scariest Pure Award (Official RuneScape Forums).
  • 2004 Best PKer Award (Official RuneScape Forums).
  • 2005 Most Feared PKer Award (Official RuneScape Forums).
  • 2005 Best PKer Award (Official RuneScape Forums).
  • First Pure to keep 1 Magic and reach 99’s in all other fighting styles.
  • First account to have 1000M coins (1,000,000,000 / 1 Billion).
  • The first account to reach 120+ Combat with Defence unranked.
  • First maxed hybrid (99 Prayer, Summoning, Mage, Range and all Melee apart from Defence).
  • Tanked Your Dad867 significantly shorter than most.

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