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Known for Movie-making, acting

5olstice is a famous RuneScape actress and voice actress for TehNoobShow and Excl. 5olstice is usually found in TehNoobShow, Zezima, or Silentc0re's friends chats, where she is ranked. 5olstice was featured in RuneScape Lengends: The Top 50 Most Influential RuneScape Players, at rank number 37.


5olstice started making videos in 2006 on YouTube. After gaining several thousand subscribers, 5olstice because an actress for TehNoobShow (www.YouTube.com/TehNoobWorld). 5olstice was also an administrator of the forum, Ubnub, which was made my TehNoobShow and Maxboison and was later closed. 5olstice made comedy videos along with TehNoobShow and Excl on her YouTube channel. 5olstice had amassed more than 21,000 YouTube subscribers before closing her YouTube account in 2009, making her one of the most famous RuneScape video makers ever.

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