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69th Adder is a long time RuneScape player. He is most commonly known as being the savage of the Wilderness for PKing supplies for his friends chat, which he owns after everyone except 1 member left.

He is a rank in the friend chat Keyers where he sells Dungeoneering floors to people for gold coins.


He is a fan of dailies and is known well within the Minigame and D&D community. His biggest achievement is completing a Guthixian Cache within 2 minutes and 40 seconds, something he is very proud of. He also likes to do Warbands and Goebiebands, and because of his knowledge of the RuneScape game, he can escape PKers easily. He trained Construction by using Warbands. He has since gotten 200m Construction XP.


His most famous achievement is doing Agility for hours on the Hefin course. He achieved 200m in 2017 and barely used Silverhawk feathers.


The 69th Adder was a longtime member of the clan The 69 Club which was founded around 2007. Under his policy, the Clan Citadel was neglected and only used for the avatar bonus.

On January 13 2019 he left The 69 Club.

Currently there are no plans to increase the Citadel level.

Max total exp

Adder 5.6.png

On 10-11-2021 69th adder achieved max total xp in Runescape. An achievement he is very proud of and worked hard for. Thus he organized a huge party to celebrate this achievement. He chose w99 combat academy because there was a huge crowd. Unfortunately, noone from the crowd congratulated him with this achievement.

The only people that did were 3 clan members from the Pradaboyz clan. Later at the house party, another clan member of the Pradaboyz joined.

Thus far his current plans are still unknown.