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Total level 1960 (Maxed)
Combat level 3
Nationality American
Started playing [All Around]: 2002 [Started Leveling 9HP]: 2/4/2015
Achievements • 1st 9 Constitution account to obtain both 1 & 2B Total XP and 1st to obtain a 200M Skill • World Record for 'Most Deaths' (19,999 Deaths) on the Seasonal High Scores • 1st 9 Constitution account to obtain 200M Slayer (NO P2W used).

• 1st Ironman Skiller to obtain 99 Divination on his Ironman alt, '9HP Jr' (Rank 4 overall).

Known for • Youtuber (Channel Name: 9HP) • 9 Constitution, Level 3 Skiller • 99 Untrimmed Slayer & 200M Slayer (No P2W used) • Brothers with 'Z o D' (Old #1 Ranked Skiller in 'OSRS') • Currently ranked #1 among 9 Constitution pure's.
Clan Level iiis


9HP - Avatar.png

HP is a well-known level 3 Skiller & Youtube videographer (Channel: 9HP). He is most well known for being the 1st level 9 Constitution player to obtain both 1 & 2 Billion total XP along with being the 1st 9HP player to achieve 200M XP in a Skill (Hunter). 9HP is currently ranked 18 overall for level 3 Skillers.

9HP also holds the World Record for 'Most Deaths' on the Seasonal High Scores with a total of 19,999 death's achieved in just over 5 days, also making him the 1st 9 Constitution Skiller to ever achieve 1st place on any of the Seasonal High Scores. 9HP is a Non-P2W Skiller; known for being a strong activist against the addition of P2W to the game. His first 99 Skill was Untrimmed Slayer; and with no P2W, Soul Wars & before the introduction of Corrupted Scarabs; this was a somewhat impressive achievement for its time. He would later become the 1st 9 Constitution player ever to achieve 200M Slayer exactly 4 years after his 1st XP gain; of course, without the use of MTX / P2W. He currently holds the lead for most Total XP & 200M Skills on a 9HP account with a total of 6 at the moment.

Real Life

9HP - RL Wiki Photo Section.png

'9HP's real name is Brandon. He was born in the USA in the early 1990's, he is half Russian, half Native American. His real life passion's began to make way through Runescape as Brandon & his younger brother Preston, in-game user name: 'Z o D' (Old #1 ranked level 3 Skiller in 'OSRS'), band had began to take off, noticeably effecting both of their in-game played-time and routines with clan's, friends & followers of the 2 dedicated Scapers. Z o D officially released information on the brother's band through his clan's Team-speak, announcing 'Nightmares For Dreamers' had officially released a single for their first music video. Preston claimed the band was the reason for his low exp gains on Z o D, but that he still planned to hold his Rank #1 Skiller status. The video can still be found today on Youtube by searching 'Nightmares For Dreamers', and has become rather well-known for revealing both player's (9HP on vocal's and Z o D on keyboard). In 2015, Brandon announced to his Clan and Warband's FC that he had recently been inactive due to pursing his new band, Desecrate Ethereal'. Brandon released a live stream of the band in the recording studio to Scaper's interested in his 'Metal vocal work'. This band can also still be found by searching 'Desecrate Ethereal - Worldbreaker', on Youtube (Credits to 'band photo shoot' picture above from video). It was recently confirmed that Brandon has sense quit both bands and is actively Scaping again on 9HP. "As for now, my passion for music is on hold, these day's, neither of my bands are actively talked about in RS anymore, rather, I am simply enjoying making my way to 'Max Skiller' status on 9HP! ...despite P2W Treasure Hunter promo's."

Skill Level Experience
Total level 1960 2,197,702,976
Attack 1 0
Defence 1 0
Strength 1 0
Constitution 9 1000
Ranged 1 0
Prayer 1 0
Magic 1 0
Cooking 99 51,410,097
Woodcutting 99 44,102,543
Fletching 99 59,060,287
Fishing 99 83,115,875
Firemaking 99 107,933,991
Crafting 99 81,667,471
Smithing 99 34,448,902
Mining 99 30,368,066
Herblore 99 80,211,650
Agility 99 50,060,526
Thieving 99 200,000,000
Slayer 120 200,000,000
Farming 99 200,000,000
Runecrafting 99 32,721,161
Hunter 99 200,000,000
Construction 99 200,000,000
Summoning 1 0
Dungeoneering 120 200,000,000
Divination 99 187,728,622
As of 5/23/2019

RuneScape History

9HP began playing Runescape in 2002 after being shown the game by his younger brother. "The story of how 9HP came to be is a lucky one. I was young and spelled the original username wrong, back then you could not fix this, so I simply made a new account, which today is now known as my 'combat account', House Party. It was not until a good year after RS2 came out that I had discovered the 'HitPoint update'. In RS1 it only required 1,000 exp for a player to get level 10 in a skill. When RS2 came out, it then required that a player have 1,154 exp for level 10 in a skill, thus, my untouched account was lowered to 9 Hit Points. Eventually, the 'name changes update' came out, in which I obtained the user name '9HP'! I was still into my combat account and as the name hint's, Construction and house parties, so I held off for a great while on starting 9HP. After basically maxing House Party and obtaining 200M Construction exp for rank 47, the 'Elf City Update' had came out... This, along with a few other major updates made me decide that combat was no longer for me. With Elf City 'nerfing' over half the skills I had gained the hard way, I wanted a fresh start. So on February 4th, 2015 I decided I would begin leveling 9HP. I took out my crappy camera phone, filmed me getting ready to gain my 1st exp and the rest is history! All because of my horrible spelling... haha, I am definitely very lucky!" 9HP has also quit off and on to play other MMO's, yet he always has come back to Runescape.

Along with his combat account 'House Party', 9HP also has an Ironman Skiller' on RS3 named '9HP Jr' (Previously known as 'Holy Grail'). 9HP Jr. was the 1st Ironman Skiller to gain 99 Divination and was Rank 4 overall to 99 in the skill. The account sits untouched, "coincidentally" having 26,666,666 exp in Divination.

As of 2/4/2015 to current day, 9HP has been working on maxing 9HP as a Skiller, having achieved his current progress in the skill bar to the left (Updated Monthly). His progress can also be checked through his 'Progress videos' on youtube. [Channel name: 9HP].


[YouTube Channel Name]: 9HP

9HP began creating YouTube video's on 12/15/2015 after getting request by many players to do so. His channel is primarily Skiller based. His most popular video's are for his 'Celebrity Skiller Interview Series', in which he interviews famous, high ranked Skillers with 21 Questions along with submitted questions by fans. Interviews include the legendary Dreekz & Redtunnel (1st and 2nd ranked Skillers in RS3). 9HP has also announced future plan's to start making 'Skiller based leveling Guides' for 2016 as he claim's "Many method's for leveling have changed or are out dated". One of his video's stirred up a largely heated debate on the matter of Runescape 3 becoming MTX Pay2Win / Pay4Exp through Treasure Hunter Promo's in series 3 of his YouTube channel, titled 'Is Runescape 3 an MTX P2W Game?'. 9HP has confirmed he uses 'Camtasia Studio 8' for his recording software.

How Do Players Obtain 9HP (9 Constitution)

In RS1 it was required that a player have 1,000 exp to obtain level 10 in any skill. When RS2 was released, the level calculation's were re-calculated to what they are today, raising the exp requirements for level 10 in a skill to 1,154 exp. This meant that any characters with no extra Hitpoint experience in RuneScape Classic (RS1) were brought to RuneScape 2 with only 9 Hitpoints.