9 Legends

9 Legends with a lent white partyhat.
Total level 2685
Combat level 138 (achieved 2015.03.11)
Other names WingIeader
Nationality Lithuanian
Started playing 2006
Known for Getting the Black Santa Hat.
Clan R0AD T0 MAX

9 Legends is a RuneScape player with a 5 year veteran's cape, known for receiving the rare Black Santa Hat

On 26 December 2013, 9 Legends finished a daily task and received a festive cracker containing a Black Santa Hat. He sold the hat, and reportedly lost the profits shortly after as the result of a scam. These events unfolded shortly after becoming a member, having played Runescape as a free player from 2006 to 2013.

Currently he has a max cape, and sometimes participates in Wilderness WarbandsPlayer Owned Ports and Sinkholes to have a change in routine.

Real Life

9 Legends' real name is Ernestas, and he lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. He was born in the late 1990s and has an older brother who used to play Runescape. Such a continued interest in the game has lead him to want to work at Jagex Games Studios.

He plays RuneScape for several hours daily, but doesn't upload gameplay videos to his YouTube account The9Legends anymore, as he didn't see a demand for RuneScape videos, so now he occasionally uploads a CS:GO montage video (currently over 5).

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