Total level 1628
Combat level 127
Other names RSComedy
Started playing 2005
Known for Raids & Drop Partys
Clan I Rare Alot

AFI "A Fire Inside", also known as RSComedy, has been playing RuneScape since mid-2005. Her first 99 skill is Firemaking, which was achieved in pre-EOC. First rare item on RuneScape was a Santa hat during 2006 and traded for a full dragon set.

During the time in June, AFI has given away over 247M to free-to-play player's for the live stream viewers on, She has achieved 14M Fletching EXP on October 4th. Her favorite Colour is blue.


The first MMORPG she played was Endless Ages during 2002-2003, and later on she started playing RuneScape around mid-2005.

Programming & Development

AFI is the developer of Avial Online. The game is still in the early development stage, and development started in 2012.

Avial Online is an open world MMORPG free-2-play game. The game is still in very early alpha stage, and coming along slowly at the moment.

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