A Chat
A_Chat as being interviewed in a YouTube video.
Known for Clan Chat, being in several of Excl and Tehnoobshow's videos

A_Chat is a RuneScape player. He currently has 122 subscribers on YouTube.[1]

He has 2,210 total level.


A_Chat was created when Clan Chats (CCs) first came out. He was one of the first ones to advertise his CC at the Grand Exchange and populated areas in RuneScape and quickly became popular.

Clan Chat craze

A_Chat is known for starting a Clan Chat advertising craze. A_Chat had many people who advertised to him. After A_Chat, thousands of people tried this idea and many failed. The ranks in the clanchat included Dory364, 5olstice, Killrqueen, Poomehellt, Tina, Z, Hacks, and the occasional Tehnoobshow and Excl.

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