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A Friend
A Friend in real life
Total level 2711 (RS3), 2074 (OSRS)
Combat level 138 (RS3), 126 (OSRS)
Other names EraserGaming, Pagalba 02, NoHonor Pker, Friends Chat, Dovydas, A Friend 2, Solo osrs, white cat22, cat white22, not p2w, Dovyduks
Nationality Lithuanian
Started playing 2005
Known for YouTube videos

A Friend (formerly known as EraserGaming on YouTube) is a veteran player of RuneScape and video maker. His real name is Dovydas Macys and he lives in Šiauliai, Lithuania. 

On 21 January 2014, A Friend achieved 99 Divination, thus receiving a Completionist Cape.

Born in the late 1990s, A Friend has two siblings: a brother and a sister, both of which play or have played RuneScape


In May 2013, A Friend reached 100,000 subscribers. His channel is currently the most subscribed RuneScape content channel in the world created by a Lithuanian; as of 24 August 2018, he has over 377,000 Subscribers.[1]

He has stated that he makes his living off his YouTube contract. In fact, according to him he has made even more than doctors do in Lithuania.[2]

His channel got famous primarily from his "loot from 10 hours of..." videos, as well as his PvM related videos and guides. Jagex presented him the Golden Gnome award for "Best Guide" during RuneFest 2013.[3]

He used to upload gaming videos of Playstation Portable and Playstation 1, but deleted them due to his RuneScape videos being more popular. In addition to RuneScape, he also plays or has played League of Legends, World of Warcraft and osu![4]

He also has a secondary YouTube account named PCtrainers.


Most of the videos he has uploaded in the past were PvM related, however in Old School RuneScape he has also been doing a bit of PvP. In the first few months of playing on Old School RuneScape he had achieved level 90 in some of the combat skills, and one week after God Wars Dungeon was released his bank wealth was 80 million.[5]

After visiting Jagex, he received Player Moderator status.[6] He also visited Jagex along with select other players in May 2014 to test the Legacy Mode alpha due to launch in 2014 Summer.

On 14 September 2015, A Friend uploaded a video stating his Player Moderator status has been revoked due to a prior video he posted regarding phished items.[7]

Shortly after the release of Hardcore Ironman Mode in Old School RuneScape, A Friend created a new account to explore the new game mode. His character, white cat22, became known for his efficiency, stats, and ability to avoid death. He constantly uploaded videos highlighting his progress. Almost a year after he created his account, his character was killed during a fight with the Deranged Archaeologist, a new boss released with the Fossil Island update. Instead of referring to white cat22 as a regular Ironman, he calls his character an "ex-Hardcore Ironman".

On 22 August 2018, A Friend released a video advertising a cryptocurrency gambling company in exchange for money. The company also gave him one billion coins in the video, which he used to stake at the Duel Arena and planned to give away. Jagex permanently banned all of A Friend's known RuneScape accounts the next day because of the nature of the video that promoted cryptocurrency gambling (common misconception was RWT, which is false[8]). A Friend removed the video from his channel and called this video a mistake.[9] He announced on his Twitter page that he is allowed to create new RuneScape accounts and will be making more YouTube videos.[10] The first account he created since the ban, cat white22, is a Hardcore Ironman account.[11]

Real life

In mid-2013 he bought an apartment, which he bought completely from the earnings of his YouTube career.[2] In June 2015, he stated his intention to leave Lithuania because he was selected for military duty,[12] but later decided to remain in Lithuania, while reporting Latvia as his country of residence to the authorities.[13]

He uses OBS to record and Vegas Pro 15 to edit his videos. To record his commentary he uses Audix CX-112B microphone, and RME Babyface audio interface.[1] He last upgraded his computer's specifications in early 2018 (Ironside sponsorship).


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