Total level 2572
Combat level 138
Influences Alkan
Achievements Trimmed completionist cape
Known for Friend of Alkan, Dicing/Flower host, Youtube videos

Abdul is a male RuneScape player who has the trimmed completionist cape. He is good friends with Alkan. Abdul was known for being a flower host with Fishy Flowers FC.

He used to gain lots of XP, and was going for 200m Agility xp and hunter then quit runescape, however since he started hosting he has not played much Runescape at all gaining XP wise. 

He quit the current live game to play on the 2007 servers or sometimes on Minecraft, but than was influenced to play again from Alkan.

In 2013 summer after Runescape 3 got released he started to make videos with Alkan. Currently they are making series "God Wars armor set from scratch ."

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