Combat level 138
Started playing 2003

Ability44 also known as "WhatsUpWithRS" is a video maker and in game moderator. He reads the news on the front page of RuneScape then uploads the video. Ability44 also has a segment on RuneCast, where he sums up Runescape updates there as well. However, Ability44 has stated he will no longer make update videos and will start to focus now more only on guide making. He has received much criticism for this decision.

Ability is commonly known to be very involved with his fans, he encourages them to add him on Skype and will at times voice chat with anyone. He does his best to comment and reply to comments on his videos. However, recently people have given Ability criticism for sucking up too much to Jagex.[citation needed] He has denied this and says he gives his honest opinion of what is on his mind.

Personal Life

Ability44's real name is Harley and he resides in Virgnia. He has stated that his mother does play RuneScape as well or used to play. Harley has had many problems living wise, he first lived in his dad's house where he made his first videos with his famous green screen, then moved into his own place however due to a fued with his roomate he left to live with his sister and now is back with his dad. Harley is very open about his personal life and commonly vlogs about it.

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