Adam is Nutz
Screenshot (38).png
Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Started playing Late 2011
Achievements Max Cape
Known for Number one Zaros follower, consistent outfit of Purple Partyhat with a purple max cape

Adam is Nutz (first name Adam) is a RuneScape player best known for being the former record holder for most XP gained in one day.[1] He also set the record for most attack XP gained in one day on October 31, 2014, but that record has since been beat. Adam is also known for his undying devotion to the deity Zaros, as well as being the owner of a max cape and a purple partyhat (the color associated with Zaros). As an avid RuneScape player, Adam is part of the RuneScape clan NUTZ FOR RS, where he has provided insightful help and advice to old and new players alike.

RuneScape character history

Role in clan

Adam currently holds the position of Deputy Owner in the clan "NUTZ FOR RS",[2] and is known for his rapid rise to claim his max cape. Being a master skiller and combat trainer Adam is known for being an expert with efficiency.

Goals and future aspirations

Adam's current goals are to achieve a completionist cape and ultimately trim it, in the meantime earning money to purchase an illustrious White PartyHat. As an efficient moneymaker Adam is keen to dress the part in order to aid his Empty Lord in his future endeavors, but like Zaros, his secrets are kept under lock and key.


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