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Total level 2,736
Combat level 138
Other names Richard
Nationality United Kingdom
Achievements 5.4B XP and Completionist Cape
Known for Rank 7 at 5.2B XP; Rank 18 at 5.4B XP; High ranks in buyable 200M's; Crazy laugh
Clan Fubarland

AlmostLost, known in real life as Richard, is a RuneScape player moderator with a maxed total level of 2,736.

In the race to 99 Divination, Richard played so much trying to win the position of 1st person to achieve 99 he had to go to hospital after having heart problems due to lack of sleep.

Runefest incident

On October 3rd, 2015 Richard was reported to have been assaulted by fellow Runescaper 'Success' at a pre-Runefest party. Success was subsequently Manually Perm Banned from Runescape, and has had no success thus far to have this reversed despite countless attempts.[citation needed]

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