and Attacker is a player with an interesting play-style. Originally a member of the clan Revel, he played often on world 64, and hosted a variety of clan events, and provided many contributions to it. Currently he is a member of Fealty Stars, and can often be seen skilling in various locations around world 79.

What makes and Attacker interesting is his persistence to remain at a low strength level. There have been other players in the past who have shared a similar goal - that is to reach 99 attack and defence, while remaining 1 strength - however no one has quite accomplished what he has to any significant degree. RuneScape 3 opened up the possibility for this sort of account to reach a level of viability, and he has wasted no time in attempting to make viability a reality. He does this to remain at a low combat level, while being able to equip top tier equipment - this produces interesting results - relatively high damage for having low strength. This is especially true when power armour is utilized.

and Attacker has quite a few accomplishments - namely that he is the first player to have completed fight caves with 1 strength, and entirely with melee.[citation needed] Since then, he has also defeated K'ril, and Zilyana with 1 strength as well (melee). He plans on tackling other goals such as Araxxor and eventually the new Mazcab Raids.

Unfortunately due to PvP related incidents, and Attacker is no longer 1 strength, and is currently 9 strength. He still plans to pursue his various goals as though he were 1 strength, however. He argues that the additional 8 strength levels are relatively insignificant due to hidden damage caps on weapons for not having a matching strength level compared to weapon tier.

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