Andy Grammer
Total level 2444
Nationality American
Started playing 2001
Achievements (Former) Highest total level of all accounts with level 9 Constitution
Known for Level 9 Constitution

Andy Grammer (also known as Quidditch) is an American RuneScape player specializing in skilling who started playing the game in 2001. Since then he has created dozens of alts, with only a handful currently active.


Starting in 2001, Andy quickly developed a fondness for skilling and has always stated that he enjoys skilling over combat. When RuneScape 2 went live and player stats were transferred, the experience points needed for level 10 in Hitpoints (now called Constitution) changed slightly. Players with level 10 in Hitpoints were lowered to level 9 in Hitpoints. As a result of him preferring skilling, he never bothered to regain the one level. He is now one of the few remaining active accounts with under 10 Constitution (AKA "Grade A pleb status").

On the 16th of September 2016, Andy Grammer leveled up in Constitution from 9, losing his place as the highest ranked 9HPer in the game. His reasons were "why not?" and "time for a change". 

He states he would rather max a level 3 9HP account, of which he has several.

Goals and achievements

Andy is working on maxing his account with the 9 Constitution, and currently has a total level of 2,443. (September 2, 2016).

After maxing, he aims to obtain all skilling pets, and a handful of 120s, including Summoning and Hunter.


  • Top 9HPer account in the game by several hundred levels, currently at 2,443. (September 2, 2016).
  • 99 Construction on Christmas day 2013, the lowest total levelled account to do so, at level 132.
  • 99 Farming on the account "Mundungus", the lowest total levelled account to do so, at level 132.
  • 99 Slayer on a combat level 3 account, currently 25,000,000+ XP, achieved through Soul Wars.
  • 99 Summoning with all other skills level 1 on the account Ludo Bagman, accomplished by gaining charms through the LootShare system.


He has several account names referencing Harry Potter, including Quidditch, Ludo Bagman, Mundungus, Ivermony, and Argus Filch.

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