Angryaraxxor is a Dutch RuneScape player who started playing in 2007. He's well-known from competitive Clan Wars, Warband PKing, and for being ex-leader of several PvM/Warring clans.

Clans / Warring career

Infernal Phoenix was a high level PvM & warring clan founded in 2012, which mainly focused on killing the newest bosses that were around at the time. This included Kalphite King, Nex and Vorago. AngryAraxxor was a leader and later owner of this clan, until it eventually merged into Divine Resilience. AngryAraxxor participated in 2 Jagex Clans Cups (2013 & 2014) with this clan.

Divine Resilience was a high level competitive Warring Clan, which participated in the AWL (Allied Warring League), and frequently competed with clans such as Wicked Fury and Legend Crashers for top place on the leaderboards of several categories. AngryAraxxor participated in 1 Jagex Clan Cup (2015) with this clan, and was one of the clan leaders until eventually deciding to leave due to the death of the warring team. Many videos from these days can be found on his YouTube channel.

Shuu Zone is a community clan which achieved many PvM and Warring achievements at its peak. Angryaraxxor participated in the AWL with this clan, as well as joining 1 Jagex Clan Cup (2016), and winning 1st place in the 50v50 F2P category. AngryAraxxor is still a member of this clan.


Moobands: AngryAraxxor was a general and co-host in Moobands, which was part of the WBPK alliance, alongside Quest Luke, Elfiee and Catler. He focused mainly on (anti-)pking, and could frequently be found in other more pk focused FCs such as Warband PK, or in the after-wave wars against SAPK/PKS.

DivinePK: Even before joining the Divine Resilience clan, AngryAraxxor frequently attended waves with the Divinebands and DivinePK friends chats, which had a large focus on organised group PKing, and were a part of the WBPK alliance before eventually going rogue. Waves were often used by the team as a form of extra war practice for the AWL warring team, and had exceptionally well organised calls and strategies.

103 wb: After quitting Warbands for some time, AngryAraxxor was welcomed back as a legend at 103 wb. They had remembered him from the old Warbands and Clan Wars days. He decided to run waves with them, purely as an anti-pker, for over 1 year, mostly during the days when they were allied to CPK.

CalamityPK: After 103 wb broke its alliance with CPK, AngryAraxxor decided to only run waves with CPK from then on. He enjoyed the purely PK oriented mindset, and attended many PK-only waves with the FC. Eventually, AngryAraxxor quit RS and thus wasn't seen at Warbands for many years.

Other FCs & affliations

Rago PvM: AngryAraxxor was a long-time Captain (Silver Star) in this FC.


AngryAraxxor has a Youtube channel where he started out making music videos and PvM guides, but eventually moved on to making Clan Warring and PvP videos.

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