Armory is a Runescape player and Clan Wars regular. He is best known for his history of hosting very large wars against other rival FCs. During December 2011, he hosted a playoffs vs Mamoe369 which was 87 vs 80. Two months later during February 2012, he hosted another playoffs vs Mamoe369 which got up to a massive 97 vs 99. On November 18th 2012, two days before the EOC was released, he hosted another playoffs against Mamoe369 which got up to 99 vs 96. The day before, he was also supposed to war Furious Swag but Armory did not show up so Darkpurple77 took his place in which turned out to be a 96 vs 92 fight. 

He also has a youtube channel in which he uploads runescape fights he recorded and also uploads Modnation Racers videos as well. 

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