Total level 2396
Combat level 138 (EOC), 200 (Pre-legacy)
Other names Aeth Elunore, Obita
Nationality Dutch
Started playing 2008, 2012
Achievements Being a complete weirdo.
Known for Bringing luck for others, whilst having terrible luck herself.
Clan The Imperial Legion
'Ut in vita in morte'

Asana is a Dutch player who started playing in 2008. Shortly after, she quit playing for some time. Since 2012 she's been playing again on RS3, and is currently still active.

Currently she is working towards maxing, for which she has a blog that can be found here.

Her current clan is 'The Imperial Legion', where she is an Admin. She enjoys bossing with her clan, her favourite boss being Rise of the Six. She is known for giving luck to others, whilst having terrible luck herself. She also is known for calling boss pets.

Next to being a member of 'The Imperial Legion', she is also an active guest in the clan 'Phenomabomb'.


Achievement Date
99 Firemaking 21 April 2015
99 Ranged 7 June 2015
99 Woodcutting 9 July 2015
99 Mining 5 September 2015
99 Smithing 30 September 2015
99 Defence 20 October 2015
99 Constitution (HP) 8 November 2015
99 Slayer 13 December 2015
99 Cooking 27 December 2015
99 Herblore 27 December 2015
99 Thieving 8 January 2016
Crown of Loyalty I 16 November 2015
K'ril Tinyroth unlocked (Zamorak boss pet) 22 December 2015
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