Aviraj100 is a Runescape player and a Clan Wars regular. He was known throughout Clan Wars and was disliked by most Clan Wars regulars. He would frequently troll people, trash talk others players, and would get mad if he lost. He was also known as a scammer. These traits made him unlikeable by most people.

He would often host small playoffs against other teams. He was known for taunting enemy players and could not take losing very well. In June of 2012, someone posted a hate video titled Shitting On Aviraj100 which shows a playoffs where Aviraj100 loses and the credits say, Run Your Mouth, Get Shit On Bitch. This video and the comments below shows Aviraj100's legacy in a nutshell. 

It was thought that he had quit Clan Wars in early 2013. However, he joined Soulbane and changed his display name to SB Gunner and later to N3VER FEAR. His trollish ways have since calmed down but some players are still weary of him. He still likes to trashtalk sometimes as well.

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