B4ngCsgo is mostly known in the CSGO community, since that one time he got lots of donations on stream. Ever since he has been famous around the CSGO community, but he has now moved on to better things. He is also known for playing RuneScape. Even though he has been playing RuneScape since 2004, he is still not very high leveled. But that's because he has been busy playing Counter Strike. His current goal is becoming as good as the player 122068 who has 5.6b exp and completed most of the content on RuneScape. (Still looking for the famous kråkjävel.)[clarification needed]

Where the name B4ngCsgo come from you may ask? Well, no one knows that except himself. But one can guess it comes from the sound it makes when he headshots everyone on CSGO.


B4ng has played RuneScape since 2004.

B4ng's biggest idol is 122068, simply because he is the greatest ever.

B4ng also has a friend who he had to solo Vindicta with, known as Nickelodeon.

B4ng lost a 1v2 against the professional players known as Virrebigtime and Guidetti.

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