Baby Drumgun
Total level 1,600+
Combat level 15
Other names Ryan
Nationality American
Influences Drumgun, Suomi, Magnus, Redtunnel
Achievements 99 Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting, Prayer, Fletching, Crafting, Herblore
Known for Deputy Owner of the skiller clan Level IIIs
Clan Level IIIs

Baby Drumgun is a level 15 Prayer Pure and a Deputy Owner in the Skiller clan Level IIIs. He is American and became a skiller because he never really liked combat but always loved skilling and grinding out skills while being a low combat level. He has 8 99s; Smithing, Firemaking, Cooking, Woodcutting, Prayer, Fletching, Crafting, Herblore, and over 1,600 total level as of January 19, 2017. 

Background, History, and Info

Baby Drumgun began playing in late 2007 but started Baby Drumgun sometime in August 2014 and he's part of the Skiller clan Level IIIs. He is a Deputy Owner in Level IIIs and has been a member of the clan for over 2 years.

He is friends with Drumgun, Suomi, and Segers and can be found guesting in Drumguns clan. He came up with the username when he saw that his clan mate had the name Baby Suomi and thought it was a fun idea for a little while, but the names stuck and He and Baby Suomi have both kept their usernames.

Baby Drumgun plays Runescape almost every day mainly on his clans homeworld, World 100, though he spreads out among worlds to find new skillers to help out and/or recruit to Level IIIs.

The main reason he made his account Baby Drumgun is because his other level 3 skiller named Saute Chef, which has 120 Cooking, accidently got level 2 Attack during the period when EoC was 200 Combat and level 5 Combat really bugged him, so he created Baby Drumgun and decided for his first 99, he would get 99 Smithing because he had always loved the Untrimmed Smithing Cape. He achieved 99 Smithing untrimmed with his clan mate Baby Geel (now "Toke Me") who had also gotten Untrimmed Smithing, and his other clan mate T yra.

Baby Drumgun has recently made a Twitter account: @RSBabyDrumgun. You may follow him and he will follow you back. In late March he had slowed down playing for a little while due to real life, but is now back and trying to play more and can be found mainly in his homeworld of 100. 

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