Baby Bubz is a RuneScape player who was best known for frequently attending clan wars and being in the clan Our Pride. She was also known for using a "<3" symbol quite often when she talked to other people. She was an experienced battler and often survived longer than everyone else on her team.

Unfortunately, not much else is known about her since she quit RuneScape sometime in 2013. She no longer shows up on the highscores.

Recently announced, Baby bubz has attended multiple organised clan wars as of May 2014. She is now known for marking her presence with the emotion Ariane's and Devine Power.

There have been hot topics revolving players from w141 clan war gathering into a clan known as legacy lions. The leader baby bubz states that the clan is not defined by its leaders but its members.

Legacy Lions as a clan is currently moving fast and steady as rumors have it the clan has past several clan war clan exp that have been around longer than a year.[clarification needed]

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