Total level 2561
Combat level 138
Other names Bandai Namco
Nationality South Korea
Started playing 2005
Ended playing N/A
Achievements 493m+ total experience
Known for Helping people in various clans
Clan Spiritus Explorata

Kahoot (formerly known as Pedantical / Bandai Namco) is a RuneScape player mainly playing RuneScape 3. He first started playing around 2005 - 2006 and quit for a time between 2008-2011. Back when he started he was mainly a range pure, but later changed to PvM rather than PvP.

Activity Now

Rather than being found at the Wilderness or PvM areas, Kahoot usually spends his time in Prifddinas either skilling or bankstanding. Once in a while he goes to PvM with friends or clanmembers to teach them boss mechanics, or to help them in general. He also streams RuneScape together with player 729, which holds a record for the fastest Dragon Slayer quest from scratch. He also streams on his own, but is focused towards the FPS game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Levels and accomplishments

Kahoot's first 99 was Woodcutting. Then he moved on to gain 99 in every combat skill. As of right now his total level is 2561 with a total experience of 493M. From the RuneScape hiscores, he has 17 skills level 99, and 1 skill 120.

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