BarrowsBOY, also known as Andrew and/or BNugz, is a RuneScape video maker and streamer with 7,000 YouTube subscribers and 17,000 Twitch followers. He is a 21 year old who hails from Washington, D.C.

He got his start video making in 2007 and has been producing guides, montages, and commentary videos ever since. Some of his more notable videos are his RSMV's for "Numb" and "Waiting for the End" by Linkin Park. He also produced 5 official PK videos culminating with his high risk Dharok vid called "The Wretched."

He began livestreaming March of 2013 mostly pking on his then Void Pure. By the end of the year he made the first official RuneScape video release on Twitch with his "Life of a Ranged Zerker." After debuting the video to over 1,300 viewers he ended with cutting back to the live feed and getting 46 defence on a cow. Since then his stream has been PvM based, including boss camping, elite clue hunting, and Slayer.

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