RuneScape Players Wiki


BFMV is a RuneScape player who often went to f2p clan wars prior to the EOC. He is considered to be one of the best callers/leaders at Clan Wars and was usually one of the last standing players in a match. During huge wars, he would usually lead whichever team he was on and was a renowned and skilled caller. 

He now prefers to skill ever since the purple portal at clan wars completely died off because of the combination of EOC and RS3. He spends most of his time on world 30, where his goal is to someday get max cape. He shortly went back to Clan Wars when legacy was released. It has been confirmed that he no longer goes to Clan Wars. 

He also liked to revenant hunt back in 2007 on world 141, where he made a friends chat with a group of other rev hunters. He's also known for his amazing leadership, and tactical skills in rev hunting.