Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Nationality Portuguese
Known for Portuguese/Brazilian community and GameBlast

BiGmUrDeReR is a Portuguese veteran player who created his account around 2002, but did not actively start playing until a few years later. BiGmUrDeReR is a Completionist player with over 1,000,000,000 experience, who spends most of his time killing bosses and is going for he trimmed version on the long term. He has also attended the GameBlast event at the Jagex Game Studio on the 21st of February of 2014.

BiGmUrDeReR has achieved 200m xp in Attack as of the 8th of August 2014.

God Wars Dungeon

When the God Wars Dungeon update came out BiGmUrDeReR camped the bosses for a long period of time, the drops he received made it possible for him to get a party hat and pay for most of the buy-able skills back then. He led a PvM clan along with Magy Hazy, God War Raiders, in which experienced players taught others how to fight stronger bosses. God War Raiders eventually grew and became the second largest PvM clan at the time, training many members including Telmomarques. The clan was disbanded after roughly a year.

Portuguese/Brazilian Community

BiGmUrDeReR has supported with creation of the Portuguese/Brazilian Community Forums, helping with the transfer of threads from the English Forums and by hosting some events.

His continuous support through the years and presence on the Brazilian server has made him somewhat known on that community.


BiGmUrDeReR attended the GameBlast event (a 24h video stream at the Jagex Hq), in which Jagex helped a charitable organisation, SpecialEffect. Jagex donated over 20,000 british pounds, the result of player donations through the Well of Goodwill during the event's weekend. During the stream BiGmUrDeReR was killing the Kalphite King with a partner and donating all the drops.

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