the infamous 10 hper...
Combat level 67
Nationality American
Started playing April 6th, 2006
Known for Being a 67 combat 10 hper of EPIC Proportions...
Clan Hitpoint Hierarchy
Fear the 10 HP

Blackston is a 10 hper that refuses to train Constitution, Defence, Prayer or Summoning. Not training those stats gives him a very challenging yet fun obstacle to his gameplay. It's worth noting that Blackston is this players irl last name.

He is the first 10 Hper to acquire the Salve Amulet (e), complete Missing Presumed Death, and Shadow over Ashdale. Blackston also is the only known 10 Hper to have a Wildystalker hat (tier 6). He has many other cool items like the Tuska mask, Ogre expert hat, and full pathfinder set.

Stat Goals:

  • 10 Constitution, 1 Prayer, 1 Summoning, 1 Defense
  • 99 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Ranged, 99 Magic
  • Support cape, Artisan's cape, Gatherer's cape
  • 2000+ Total Level

EPIC Goals:

  • Fire Cape
  • Araxyte pet
  • Trials Helm
  • The Defeater title


Blackston was first introduced to Runescape by his friend on April 6th, 2006. It took roughly 30 minutes to learn how to rotate the screen to leave the starting room in the tutorial. His first account ever was named "Blackston 13". His favorite skills at that time was Mining and Smithing. while training his Mining in Varrock a random player traded Blackston 10,000gp for no reason. The thrill this gave Blackston was like no other! He was generous and gave 5,000gp to his friend that showed him Runescape.

Eventually Blackston was swayed by his friend to make a pure to pk with his friend and thus in 2007 "Grim Dker" was born. He picked this name because of the Grim Reaper Hood released at the time and he was a huge fan. the "dker" was meant to stand for Dragon Killer. His dream set up was grim reaper hood, iron platebody, iron platelegs, robin boots, strength amulet (t), grey gloves, and obsidian cape.

He was later convinced to make a main account due to his friend accidentally getting defence on his pure so the pride and joy "Blackston DK" was created in 2008. After some thought he decided to become a zerker pure (45 defence). This account is where Blackston started to flurish. His new favorite skill became Woodcutting and was soon his first 99 skill ever achieved! Blackston played on this account for several years and aquired some pretty decent levels.

One day while Blackston was training Strength at rock crabs he noticed a level 50 there using a dwarf cannon getting attacked by rockcrabs. He soon discovered that this level 50 had 99 magic and 70+ ranged. After a conversation on how this player was the lowest possible level with 99 magic Blackston became very interested in this account type and decided to make one of his own.

In 2011 "Dr Blackston" was born. This is the account that is today known as "Blackston". His first 99 stat was Magic. He never did get that level 50's name but he did stumble across another level 50 with similar stats named Frost Foxes (currently named 200m hp exp). Blackston's account was very similar to frosts besides frost having high attack while Blackston had high Strength. eventually Blackston became intrested in doing quests and was introduced to a Runescape thread called "Possible Quests - 10HP".

The Evolution of Combat heppend to change the way 10 hpers function for better or worse. They no longer recieved experience based on the hit but rather it being rewarded when the monster died. This was a good thing since accidently attacking something no longer instantly gave constitution experience. But many monsters were buffed in lifepoints and took longer to kill with rings of recoil. 10 hpers also had to find a way to tag monsters to get drops. There were many other changes like his combat level changing from 50 to 102 and most armor providing a lifepoints boost to which blackston could get his lifepoints up to around 2315 without temporary boosts like saradomin brews. The Evolution of Combat also made Dwarf Cannon give constitution experience ruining a big training method for 10 hpers.

With the Evolution of Combat changes the possible quests 10hp thread needed reworked and through this thread Blackston made many new 10 hper friends, two of them being "So Close" and "Crodious". Blackston also has contributed to the thread on several quests. Eventually Crodious had the idea to start a 10 hper clan and Blackston became a co-founder and suggested the name "Hitpoint Hierarchy".

Eventually the combat level was switched back to the 138 formula but with some tweaking with Attack and Strength. Now Blackston's max combat level became 67. Blackston is still playing to this day perhaps more then ever. He is close to maxing his 10 hper at 67 combat and has achieved 199 quest points which is the max with his given levels currently.

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