RS1 and RS2 pictures of Bluerose13x.
Started playing 2001
Known for First to achieve 99 in Smithing and Magic

Bluerose13x was the first player to reach level 99 in Smithing and Magic. Bluerose13x was, for a long time, the sole source of rune weaponry and armours. She also cofounded the Rune Tips ( website.


Bluerose13x's stats in May 2001.

At one time she was the only player in the game who could smith rune items. These items were unavailable elsewhere at the time due to the high requirements to both mine runite ore and to smith it. At this point, rune armour and weapons were in great demand as at this time in RuneScape they were the most powerful weapons and armour in game. This demand was used to her advantage as she became one of the richest players in RuneScape in a very short time due to the fact she could charge nearly any price for her gear. Due to her propensity to smith for only a select group of elite and prominent players, as well as the laws of supply and demand, this set the market price very high for rune gear. However, many other players eventually followed her with 99 smithing in turn with rune weapons and armour being availiable through in game shops as well as drops from monsters. This caused the price of rune weapons and armour to gradually drop to what they are today.

She was one of the original RuneScape celebrities, often followed by players and admired to an extreme. Her bank in Classic was estimated at 3-4 billion, an exceedingly high amount for the time. After helping start, she has played on and off very infrequently since Classic, and has not played since RS3.


An imposter in the Black Hole.

During the height of Bluerose13x's prominence, scammers often exploited her fame for personal gain, most commonly by deceiving newbies and other naive individuals in densely populated areas such as Varrock and Falador.

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