Total level 2,869
Combat level 138
Nationality Canada
Started playing January 2004
Known for Music heckposting

Boat is a RuneScape player most known for his RuneScape-related music heckposting, which he often queues as song requests on Twitch streams. Besides that, boat is relatively nobody of any particular significance worth mentioning.

RuneScape Career

He first started playing RuneScape in 2004, during the final weeks of RuneScape Classic. Without any means of becoming a member, he lost interest in RuneScape before the end of the same year. Although he would occasionally return for holiday events, it was in 2013 when it was suggested that he should play RuneScape again, and has remained consistently active since then, not counting temporary burn-out breaks, usually a month long, or two at most. 

He achieved the max cape on November 11, 2014, funded by the first few post-return months spent on flipping higher-tiered equippment while training lightly-attentive skills that can be done mostly idle by a bank.

The Completionist cape was acquired on January 1, 2016 after coming home from a New Year's countdown party.

In 2019, he accomplished the trimmed completionist cape on March 17. After the controversial completionist cape update on June 24, he felt the weight of trimmed completionist accomplishment diminish, and went for the Master Quest Cape, which he achieved on July 3.

RuneScape-related Music

As a regular viewer of a few popular RuneScape streamers on Twitch who have their song requests enabled, boat often creates and uploads RuneScape-related music heckposts that can queue as song requests in those Twitch streams. 

Examples of RuneScape-related music heckposts include:

  • Animals by Martin Garrix, but after the drop, the melody is modified to resemble the RuneScape main theme.
  • Sea Shanty 2, but after the intro phrase, the song turns into Crab Rave by Noisestorm while still using the same MIDI instruments.
  • Finale of 1812 Overture, but the cannons are replaced by loud skilling urn teleporting sounds, poking fun at RuneScape's excessively loud volume if many duplicates of the same sound were to play simultaneously.
  • Paper Planes by M.I.A. but during each chorus, the original gunshot sounds are replaced by the sound of Treasure Hunter chests opening with a purple-category prize.

Some other music posts that aren't as heckposts include:

  • RuneScape in-game music in chiptune as if part of an NES game, requiring transcription by ear as there is no MIDI available for newer music releases.
  • Lo-Fi, jazz, or re-harmonized versions of RuneScape music, as inspired by Adam Neely on YouTube.
  • Metal covers of music that plays at bosses. The quality of these posts aren't as good, but serves as an exercise for transcribing music when there is no MIDI available. 


  • A boat is a watercraft of a large range of types and sizes, but generally smaller than a ship. They are often covered up to a specified special limit on home insurance policies before requiring scheduling. The choice of the name boat comes Waking Life (2001). 
  • Although boat may have been known for other things in the 2010s decade, those were the wrong reasons. Please disregard, thanks. boat is a music heckposting kind of person now and that's all you need to know.
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