Ice giant 99
Bonesaw spec1.png
Total level Ice giant 99: 2148 Bonesaw Pk: 1786 Bonesaw Bamf: 1924 Fmab-wasenoB: 1953
Combat level 137, 111, 115, 113
Other names Bonesaw Pk
Bonesaw Bamf
Known for YouTube videos and pking

Bonesaw is a RuneScape player known for his RuneScape content on YouTube. He has four different subscribed accounts for player versus player combat. These are Ice Giant 99, his main, maxed melee account, Fmab wasenoB, his arma pure, Bonesaw Bamf, his turmoil pure, and Bonesaw Pk, his Maxed pure.

He is also famous for the "Bonesaw Spec" which is something one would yell when they are hoping to get a big hit with a special attack weapon. He was weak at the fight vs Djblind 25 november 2012, he lost to a level 70.

He is the first person to get a Fire Cape in the "OldSchool" RuneScape servers. In an epic battle lasting hours, he fought Jad with one prayer remaining. 

During RuneFest 2013, Jagex has awarded him the Golden Gnome for "Best Live Stream".[1]


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