Born For PvM
Born For PvM.png
Total level 2489
Combat level 138
Known for YouTube videos.

Born For PvM, also known as Chris (IRL name) is a well known RuneScape player. He is mainly famous for his player-vs-monster activities, especially being the first to AFK the Corporeal Beast, first to AFK all the God Wars Bosses, second to killing Corporeal Beast with flowers. He is also famous for making the Godsword Set from scratch series with Runeshark. He has two YouTube Channels. One called "D34dfilms" and the other "BornForPvM".

He used to have a relatively low slayer level for someone with maxed combat but has since raised it to a considerable level.

He is also the inventor of the word Badoodle which you call out before an NPC dies in the hope of getting a rare drop, or a drop of high value.

He achieved at least level 99 in all his skills on 27 May 2012.

He is also known for his helpful and up to date live streams.

As of the end of 2012, he had decided to permanently retire from RuneScape and instead focus on other games such as League of Legends, as revealed by Rune Shark (James) on a live stream. The future of his YouTube account and the videos he made were in question until the Old School servers were announced. Born For PvM returned to RuneScape for the 2007 servers which he had an account on called "Sco0oby Dont". On 21 June 2013 he posted a video stating he quit the 2007 servers and moved on to League of Legends.

  • It has also been established recently in a livestream with Rune Shark that Born is officially "puzzled".[clarification needed]
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