Bowery Boys2 is a RuneScape player known for his Fishing experience. Although he is not the first to achieve 200 million experience within Fishing, he is in the top 5. Bowery Boys2's rank is a hot topic within the high scores community due to the ill gotten practices of certain ranks above him who were able to bend certain rules to gain faster XP rates at the time.[citation needed]

Early RuneScape life

Early within the life of Bowery Boys2, he was a quiet and shy character not really saying much to anyone, but always willing to give a helping hand when he could. He was introduced to the game by his family.


His love for fishing comes from a day in Shilo. On this particular day, a rude egotistical high level was insulting other fishermen at Shilo, and Bowery Boys2 a man of the people, said to himself and to this player that he will show him that there is no need to be so stuck up over a game just because of XP. Thus, he said he would outrank him. This was the start of his journey to 200 million XP.

200 mill

2008 was his 200 million experience party in fishing, after many people told him to give up on this goal he powered through to show anything and everything is possible.


Bowery Boys2 is a man of the people, he is friendly and down to earth. He will often have chats when he can to people and enjoys meeting new and friendly people and making people smile. He has also been known for to give congratulations (as per request) for players to screen shot and to frame.[citation needed]

Current RuneScape life

Bowery Boys2 currently enjoys his time down in the Living Rock Cavern world 84.

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