Boxerpup is a Runescape player who is known among the F2P clan wars community. A member of Crazed Pkers, he is often at many wars and even has a Youtube channel where he records wars and uploads them.

Stat wise, he is fully maxed out.

Clanning History:

Boxerpup began his clanning with a clan called Silthill in the original bounty hunter in Runescape 2 (back then, he was known by his original username). He was well known in the clan reaching the rank of Captain before the clan was shut down with the Wilderness rework. Boxerpup was best referred to as a "raid party leader" in which he and his team would scout out potential high valued targets (targs) in multi combat and when someone in the clan was assigned one of these high value targets, they would rush the unsuspecting player and help the clan mate kill them. It was during this time Boxerpup would get his first full Corrupt Dragon player kill (pk).

After Bounty Hunter settled down, Boxerpup would become involved in Clan Wars Arena (CWa). He was mostly found at the time on world 50 helping out his friend Cinndi and her Clan Chat. He went to many big wars, including the "World Wars" where world 50 and 141 would have mass recruitment's and then have a giant full out battle that usually made the world lag like crazy. It was around this time, that he joined a clan called Wilderness Guardians and would help them do organized wars in Clan Wars.

Boxerpup would eventually join many other clans and teams, becoming more interested in organized warring towards the end of Runescape 2, and was involved in some of the last wars before EoC (Evolution of Combat) was released. After EoC was released, Boxerpup took a short break from the game before comming back and becoming a purple portal Clan Wars leader himself under the name Boxerpupx7 in 2012, usually relying on his friends Michelle XD, Amulet, Misses Mayhe and Jetexone (now known as O M B) to help mass his clan chat to fight his rivals such as Bread JR, Toaster On, Shadow_Light, ETK Br34an, and M1 11. He was regarded as a top teir eoc player because he was used to massive keybinded abilities from his past experiences with other MMORPG's like World of Warcraft and EverQuest. It would be during this time that he would join the Legacy only clan Crazed Pkers and eventually become the Warlord of the clan - and one of their callers in organized wars. With the game evolving, and EoC becomming more popular, tournaments began to arise, pitting player against player for prizes. These tournaments peaked the interest of Boxerpup, and he began to fight in these tournament, hosted by non other then Jack Linehan himself! Though Boxerpup never found himself hitting the top spot in any of these competitions, he enjoyed every moment of them, and made many new friends along the way, and just as many enemys.

Now adays, you can usually find Boxerpup hanging around clan wars on either Runescape 3 (world 3) or Old School Runescape (world 308), chatting with old friends, and making new ones. He is currently working on maxing out his account in OldSchool Runescape, but doubts he will have the attention span to do so, combined with doing organized Clan Wars with his clan's The Rising and Dynasty. He is a very sociable and will talk to anyone who messages him

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