Brooke wearing her default clothes.
Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Nationality Finland
Started playing 2001
Achievements 1 Billion Exp (8/5/14)

Completionist Cape (6/16/14)

Clan Dodobros



Brooke is a female player. She had a active role in Soul Wars over the past years.

She began playing in late 2001 when a friend mentioned the game to her at school and since then has been dedicated to the game.

Her first skill to reach 99 was Hunter and was highly motivated to get 99 within a few months of it being released. In late 2007 she achieved this goal and was in the top 1,100 to reach said skill. From that time span of 2001-2014 she has achieved a completionist cape and several 120 skills that include:

  • 120 Fletching
  • 120 Magic
  • 120 Firemaking 
  • 120 Range
  • 120 Constitution 
  • 120 Defence 

She recently also obtained one of her long term goals which was one billion total experience. This was achieved  on August 5th 2014.

Her current goals include:

  • 120 Summoning
  • Sub 1,000 Overall Highscores

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