Total level 2571
Combat level 200
Started playing 2001
Known for Soul Wars
Clan Rise of Slayer
MHAva 5.png

MeganHoliday is a female plaYer. She was active role in sOuL Warsover the past ears.  She can be found in w69 most of the time either skilling, or hanging out in the Friends Chat "R Quark" merching.

She began playing in late 2001 when a friend mentioned the game to her at lunch and since then has been dedicated to the game. Her first skill to reach 99 was Hunter and was highly motivated to get 99 within a few months of it being released. In late 2007 she achieved this goal and was in the top 1,100 to reach 99 Hunter. From that time span of 2001-2013 she has achieved a max cape with a total experience of 478,152,941 as of Aug 1st 2013.

Prior to the release of EoC, she was in a Soul Wars based clan called New World Order (NWO) that was the parent clan for the Friends Chat 'Soul Elders' as a Captain for both clans that ran w44 for the longest time. After about six months of being in NWO she left due to personal conflicts with other members and seeing from what she called it 'A lack of a friendly community'.

After leaving NWO she has remained close friends with people from that time period including the old leader ArcaneFlamez. As of now she returned back to her old clan that she used to help co-own called "Rise of Slayer" and is currently an Overseer rank. 

On July 31st 2013 she obtained her very first max cape.

On September 15th 2013 she obtained 95+ in all skills (Divination)

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