Total level 1398
Combat level 3
Other names Bunnyqueen, Bunnyprince
Nationality Australia
Known for Being the oldest known level 3 9 HP account still playing RuneScape as of 2017

Jackson, also known as "Bunnyking", is an Australian RuneScape player who started playing back in 2001. Jackson found RuneScape from his brother whilst attending high school and created numerous accounts on RuneScape and played alongside his brother "EasterOwn". Jackson and his brother created a YouTube account which was based around their accounts to which it gained a lot of attention back in 2008 to 2010. The channel itself has over 680,000 total views and over 2.2k subscribers. Jackson uploaded a video on March 19th of 2009 showing off his 3 accounts. The video has over 80K views.

As of 2017, Jackson still plays on Bunnyqueen which has since been renamed to Bunnyking in memory of Jackson's first ever RuneScape account named Bunnyking. The real Bunnyking account has 2 Attack hence the name and account change. Jackson began leveling his account in late 2010 and is regarded to be in the top 10 level 3 9 HP skillers in RuneScape and continues to play as of present day.

Jackson was an avid RuneScape holiday item collector on all his accounts and has a video on the YouTube channel showcasing them. This is the sole origins of how Bunnyking, Queen and Prince came to be and why they are so rare and popular.

EasterOwn, Jackson's brother quit RuneScape back in 2010 and hasn't played ever since then. The YouTube account has also since been inactive and hasn't had a single video uploaded since June 15, 2010.

Jackson also no longer plays on "Hi Fi Wi Fi" or his other two level 3 accounts and continues playing on Bunnyqueen (now named Bunnyking) only.

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