Canada II
Total level 2460
Combat level 138
Started playing September 17, 2007
Clan Canada United


Sometic (previously known as Canada II) is no ordinary player. He is an activist of RuneScape who moves from one subsection of the game to the other - one clan to the other - one person to the other. Sometic is commonly known to be in Clan Wars, Stealing Creation, and Clan Wars among many others. After several years, Sometic was somewhat well-known to the RuneScape population and is an active participator in community development and advancement. Sometic continues to dedicate his time in order to keep the old community of RuneScape alive via RuneScape gameplay and YouTube videos. Sometic has come across, and is connected with, many well-known players including Zezima, AlmostLost, Simon, Jim Sauce, Jdelacroix, Regicidal, Silentc0re, Doolodes, and Jake.[citation needed] As a player, Sometic is a very interactive and sociable character who works as a part-time student in preparation for studies at University and also takes on a side-job as a soccer instructor in Canada where he plays in big local leagues.

Canada's Max Cape goal


Sometic had first started playing RuneScape on September 17, 2007. He was your typical early RuneScape player, trying to navigate and understand the game. He spent his first several years understanding how the game works and understanding the community to adapt to its common views. Sometic had retired as a YouTube veteran before the release of the Evolution of Combat.


For his first year, Sometic had been part of a massive free-to-play community friends chat by the name of "F2P Comms" which averaged 90 people at any given time. As he was in this FC he eventually became general and served as an  

Year Development
2006 Training; Progression
2007 Soul Wars General
2008 Introduced organized Stealing Creation
2009 Was part of the multi-clan wars 4-year war-B 3 S T
2010 Attained 12,000 YouTube Subscribers through high-risk pking videos[citation needed]
2011 Achieved 10 skill capes
2012 Active assistant at Mod Mark FC
2013 Took on the General Rank responsibility at the first official founded Warbands Clan
2014 Has increased 300 total levels to finish off his target of achieving a max cape.

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