Total level 2898
Combat level 138
Nationality American
Achievements 5.6 billion experience
Known for Formerly being on the top page
Clan Talent Squad

Carcass is an American player who has achieved 200 million XP in every skill and is ranked 148th overall. He was the 18th person to achieve 200m in all skills in May 2015.  He is also ranked 2 in "Rank sum". Currently he plays OSRS on a alt that is ranked in the top 100.  Prior to capping on Rs3 he multilogged that account mostly chopping magics for 58M xp, Motherlode mine for 32M xp and Runecrafting natures for around 70M xp. As of 8/14/2020 he has 1800 days played between the 2 accounts, not counting multilogged time.  

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