Caretaker147 (also known as Care) is an American RuneScape player who started playing in June 2005. He has joined various skilling clans to make money. After deciding to focus heavily on combat, he settled in world 88 in August 2007 and began to do continuous skilling there. Though not famous throughout the RuneScape community, he was well known to people who frequented world 88 due to his personality, variety of skilling methods, and questing.

The main skills he did were Woodcutting and Fishing, which he did with various friends he had made in world 88. As he watched his friends get 99 in both of those skills, he never seemed to have the focus to stick it out and get 99 at the same time as his friends. He watched many people get 99s while he had no cape to show for his efforts. His first achievement cape was the Quest point cape (date unknown). He quested with people on his friends list and various people he met throughout world 88. His top ranking was in the top 70,000 before he attempted to achieve his first skillcape.

His first level 99 skill was Strength (date unknown). Shortly after achieving his 99, he took a break from the game, returning nearly three years later to finally trim his skillcape. In June 2012, Care finally achieved 99 Woodcutting by cutting vines and a yew tree he planted nearby. A week later, he achieved 99 Cooking and had intentions of reaching 99 Firemaking next. However, the lack of focus kicked in again and his login times because seldom once again. He still logs in occasionally to check his kingdom, but after the three year break from the game, his popularity nearly diminished completely and became just a memory to those who knew him.

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