Total level 2796
Combat level 138
Nationality British
Started playing 2007

Cazz started playing RuneScape in early 2007 when his friend asked him to start playing since he needed someone to train with. Time passed and he started to join the friends chats for Runescape and Green098.

At that time, he became friends with a nice bunch of people and met Destiny who, later on, became his leader in the clan Afterlife. Cazz stayed in that clan from when the 'clans' were released all the way to November 2012. Because the clan was becoming inactive, Cazz decided to leave. This was a hard decision to make since he grew up with all the members in Afterlife and he knew all of them from 2007 up to 2012. In November, he started to look for another clan to join and eventually he found True Respect.                                                                   


Back in May/June, he was featured on the Community Round-Up for his Ingame Events which were inspired by Mod Drebin and Purify. The Ingame Events lasted for a whole month, and it featured many players who just wanted to help and educated players on how to do certain things.[clarification needed] This event gained a lot of attention from players and JMods alike.

He's also reached 2k forum posts on the RuneScape forums too. The majority of this was from helping players on the Account Help Chat thread over a period of a few months. He hasn't posted on there in a while, but he is hoping to get back into it soon.

99 Mining.png


Cazz getting 99 Mining

Cazz getting 99 Mining

Internet presence

Cazz is a member of the RS Twitter community, having many followers. Members regularly create "CazzPls", which are images found on the internet - edited with the words Cazz Pls, in typical meme style. He enjoys these and actively encourages the production of them.

He is also a moderator in the official RuneScape Twitch channel, and is regularly found in there.

He also tried to get Old School RuneScape their own item at RuneFest. Mod Reach/Mat K and Ash said it was possible but it never happened.

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