Chaos 4750
Combat level 98
Nationality Australian
Started playing August 2010

Chaos 4750 is a RuneScape player who joined in August 2010. He is a follower of Zamorak and used to own a clan called the blood of Zamorak. He has since joined another clan, but the clan leader wishes the clan name be anonymous.

Stories of Chaos 4750

Chaos 4750 has many stories to tell of his RuneScape journey. One story in particular is when he first started out in RuneScape with his sister HACKATTACK. The story goes as follows:

One day in RuneScape, Chaos 4750 and HACKATTACK were looking over the

RuneScape map. But sadly because they were new players at the time and thought the Chaos temple in the Wilderness was a coffee shop. So they prepared a trip to go to this coffee shop, but then they find out it is a church and head back. On their way back they run into a group of PKers and green dragons, which does not end well for them.

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