Chessy018 was a RuneScape female rich player who was seen as one of the richest players on Runescape. Her YouTube videos made her more famous where her wealth is shown off. Her wealth goes far item wise, however it goes even further in terms of gold pieces as according to her YouTube videos she owns six piles of max cash (2147M).


At first she just merched yew logs and raw lobsters, for they were high in demand, then achieving her legendary "piles of max cash". Before the Grand Exchange had come out, she had owned this sum of money, and then she took the Grand Exchange to her advantage by performing pump and dump scams on other players, merching Godswords, Abyssal Whips, Barrows items, and much more. After being seen as a noob for so long she ultimately realized she could buy anything she wanted.


Chessy018 owned a merching clan entitled Merchmasters which was large and some members of the clan received millions of gold.

Richest player

Because of constant videos, people wonder who is the richest player in Runescape. We won't know for sure, but below is a list of items, which says what one of the richest RuneScape player hold in her bank. Here is a list what Chessy018 has offered us in our videos, to prove that she is one of the richest, or even the richest player in Runescape.


She had owned all of these items at once:

  • 1000+ Dragon Claws
  • 1000+ Abyssal Whips
  • 1000+ Santa Hats
  • 700+ Dragon Axes
  • 3-4 Party Hat sets
  • 300-400 Bandos Chestplates, Bandos Tassets
  • 40-100 of each Godsword, including Saradomin Sword
  • 100+ sets of all Barrows
  • 6 Piles of Max Cash (2147M)
  • 10-40 of each Halloween Mask

Getting Hacked

Because of Chessy018's richness, many players tried hacking her. She was hacked in March of 2011. The account was temporarily banned, but not after the hacker stole most of Chessy018's most valuable items. Over 170 billion coins were believed to be hacked. Sold to other people, as well as transferred to his other accounts, the money was tracked by Jagex, and they quickly banned most of the accounts involved, and some not involved. The coins were not given back to Chessy018. After the hack, she couldn't believe what happened and quit RuneScape.

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