Chief-war, also know by his real name - Liam - is known for being an Australian RS3 PKer. He spends most of his time in World 2 and is known for his use of the dark bow/shield/ags style of fighting and the death lotus darts/mage switch combination.

He currently has no real goals based around max cape progress with only a total level of 2455, however it seems he is going for 120 in Firemaking.

Many people dislike his style of fighting and believe it is on the same basis as "ragging", nevertheless he does switch up between high-risk and low-risk situations based on if he is bored of "rangescape"/"noxscape".

He is also disliked for his taste in Yak-killing. Which you see him doing many a wave.

He is currently a member of the Illuzion warbands friends chat but is known to fluctuate between that fc and 'singlebands' (i.e, going to a random world to PK during the wave/or getting leaks to worlds).

Many a time he can be seen with IDN/Aus Swagg/Jackie/The Miner Gi, however it seems he is friends with many.

He can be found in World 2 or in the single zone after the Wilderness Warbands Distraction and Diversion

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