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ChinsAllDay has won the Old School RuneScape King of the Skill competition in the category Hunter achieving 46,643,730 xp.[1][2]

On the regular servers his account is a Defence Pure with the unique stats: Prayer 43, Defence 75, and most notably Hitpoints 60 instead of the usual 63, giving him a Combat level of only 39.[3]

In game he can usually be found hunting at the Black Chinchompa spot in the wilderness.

Combat xp Bug rollback incident


ChinsAllDay was affected by the combat style XP bug that occurred in Febuary 2019[4] and as a consequence of this, he was subject of a notable incident during the XP rollbacks Jagex provided.[5]

During the rollback, Jagex mistakenly reset his Defence level to 1, instead of removing the Attack xp he gained in the bug. As the account had a Dragonfire Shield equipped at the time, he was, for a short period of time, the only known player to have a DFS equipped at level 1 Defence and at a combat level of 21.[6] His Defence level got restored to 75 the following day, as he posted about the mishap on Reddit.


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