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Total level 1999
Nationality Dutch
Started playing 2004
Known for RuneScape YouTube videomaking
Chiszle's avatar

Chiszle is a RuneScape player since 2004 and machinema video maker on YouTube since 2006, most known for his comedy shorts, tutorial videos and real life meet ups.


Chiszle's 2013 look

Chiszle is a videomaker, his videos include: "Gawd Squad - Runescape Series", "Torag vs. Dragon", "Torag vs. Bandos", "Bandos vs. Vesta", "Armadyl, Bandos & Zaros enter the RuneScape Machinema Contest". Chiszle was however the first RuneScape video maker to be awarded a 'front-page feature' on YouTube's original website format.[citation needed]

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