Choppermad RSC.png
Choppermad trading certs in Draynor.
Combat level 135
Known for Level and stats

Choppermad was a player who became ranked number one in the Hiscores for a short time in 2004, after the release of RuneScape 2 (RS2) and Runecrafting. When RS2 was launched, Zezima did not want to train Runecrafting. Choppermad trained Runecrafting to a level 73, becoming number one until Zezima started training Runecrafting. Zezima gained level 47 on his first day of runecrafting when he decided to, 63 on second day, and eventually took the 1st position spot back from Choppermad.

He is known to have reached at least level 119 before RS2 came out.

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