ClLoulD, also known as Cloud Vii, is an account that has existed for over 7 years. Corey owns the account and Dan also plays on the account. ClLoulD is known mainly for his friends on the game, mainly Crow 1009 but also other players such as Bonesaw Bamf (ex-general in the friends chat pre-EoC). ClLoulD funded the Crow 1009 account so that he could continue making PK videos and make a small PvP commentary video on his account.

ClLoulD has maintained a philosophy in the game where he will help his friends in the game to any extent until the day comes that he is scammed. Mog Time has lost ClLoulD's full Guthans set (around 10 million GP at the time) and Biscuit Risk also logged onto ClLoulD's account and staked around 60 million GP and lost it; both players intend to repay the debt.[citation needed]

On the release date of new account names, ClLoulD publicly complained on the forums when he was unable to change his username to that of "Cloud" and was very upset as he actually found the name when it was unavailable but was unable to confirm the changes due to Jagex servers being unresponsive.

Pre-EoC ClLoulD had gone through many separate builds on his account, originally starting off as a pure then advancing to a maxed main, these builds are:

  • Maxed 5 Defence GS pure
  • Maxed 13 Defence Chaotic pure
  • Maxed 30 Defence Rurmoil pure
  • Maxed 45 Defence Berserker pure
  • Maxed 70 Defence Barrows account
  • Maxed account with Overloads and Yak

Shortly before EoC, ClLoulD sold his account for just shy of $300 and used this money to fund the gaming PC he had been saving for and eventually built.[citation needed]

Between playing private servers and quitting the game momentarily ClLoulD returned (both Corey and Dan) to Old School RuneScape and decided on becoming a maxed range tank account, and again funding the Crow 1009 account during this time. As things stand, the account is almost maxed aside from a few Hitpoints, Defence and Magic levels.

ClLoulD somewhat inconsistently uploads RuneScape videos onto YouTube. These videos are mainly from private servers, where he shows off his clicking and hybridding skills. ClLoulD used to be rank 3 on a server called exiled with over 4,000 kills and a 7.8 kill/death ratio.

He always makes time to talk to anyone and his private chat is usually set to "on".

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