Clinttrooper is a Belgian RuneScape player.


Clinttrooper is very well-known Belgian player. The most notable achievement is being the richest f2p player over several months in 2008. No one knows exactly how but it is said that he knows the economy very well. Clinttrooper stated that he used a mixed amount of skills for maximum profit. Most people think he got his money by crafting and mining. Later when the Wilderness was removed and the new system came in (with targets) he was feared by most players. He was never been killed but Clinttrooper himself killed many. It is said that he was one of the first to get the Corrupt Dragon Scimitar which was extremely rare at that time.

Quit and return

He stopped playing after a few years because he had done everything you could possibly do in F2P. No player has heard from him since then but multiple maxed players have spotted him in 2013 in the Wilderness. However it is not entirely sure that he came back to see what EOC is like or that he started playing again.

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